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Defenses Against Dealing in Stolen Property

Posted on : August 30, 2017, By:  Leah H. Mayersohn, Esq.
Fort Lauderdale Attorney Dealing in Stolen Property

In the State of Florida, dealing in stolen property is considered a second degree felony. In fact, it is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The penalties imposed depend greatly on the value of the goods allegedly stolen. If found guilty, this crime significantly impacts your life, career, and relationships. Find out how […]

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Florida Drug Trafficking Statutes

Posted on : July 27, 2017, By:  Leah H. Mayersohn, Esq.

Drug trafficking is taken seriously in Florida. Therefore, the penalties associated with this crime if you are found guilty are no less than life changing. From prison time to fines and much more, you could be facing a drastic life change if a judge and jury convicts you. In fact, not only will you have […]

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The Basics of Burglary

Posted on : July 16, 2017, By:  Leah H. Mayersohn, Esq.

Burglary is not a charge to be taken lightly and if you are found guilty, you could face serious consequences including imprisonment, fines, restitution, probation, community service, and more. It’s important to work hand-in-hand with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who can help you advocate for your rights under the law. Here’s what you should […]

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What You Need to Know About Prescription Drug Crimes

Posted on : June 27, 2017, By:  Leah H. Mayersohn, Esq.

Prescription drugs are used widely and regulated across the U.S. This is because many prescription drugs used for pain and mental illness are as potent and dangerous as drugs like heroin or methamphetamine when used improperly. If you were arrested for a prescription drug crime, it’s important that you learn what penalties you may have […]

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How to Defend Yourself Against DUI Manslaughter Charges

Posted on : June 3, 2017, By:  Leah H. Mayersohn, Esq.

What Happens When Faced With DUI Manslaughter Charges? An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol is one thing. But an accident that causes someone else’s death as a result of drinking and driving is an entirely different and heartbreaking situation. While you never intended to cause the death of another person, the Florida […]

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